31 August 2010

Between Mirrors

There is a sun; there is a moon; everything runs with the sense of a perfect balance, a kind and wild thought that makes us believe in future and give up on past. What is balance? What if this sensation is, as always, a miscalculated belief? "I'm at home, alone, sleeping...it is 5 o'clock in the morning, the streets are being cleaned up by those who we don't even notice...shadows between nights...then the moon gives up on time, and the sun comes and rises...I wake up; my life stills standing up towards my mirror: What do I see? The perfect being? Perhaps not...maybe chaos could describe mankind; maybe doubt could proclaim herself as the queen, why not goddess?, of our messy trashy cloudy room called earth. I walk beneath the skies, I breath, I pollute, I hate, I love, I could die or keep living, I could forget but I still remember, I could see the hateful living beings but most of the time I give up on feeling, I could not hurt people or feel hurt about it but I can't, I could sleep without the touch of death but I'm mortal, I could believe I'm significant but isn't that an illusion?, I could see my life with the guarantee of success but I know I'm lost, I could pretend to find myself within this labyrinth but I can't find balance...There is nothing like that within. Now, could I give up on dreaming, wondering? NO...never...I got back from my office now; I'm undressing myself; let's look again in the mirror...What do you see? Everything...I can see it perfectly...the winds blowing up my hair; the hope, all the possibilities, that make me lose the point on superficiality; the persons living, who hate me, who might not yet love me, who love me above all the things, or that simply love me...I love them all!"...It's not because our nature is to live between mirrors, trusting ourselves to the illusion of eternity, protect what we have hating and feeling envy, or even killing, that I give up on humanity...I love it all...We where born from the perfect match, we where born chaotic, unbalanced, full of imperfections...but we all have it all...The good and the bad, the wrong and the right, the future and the past...Above all things, we lack of balance...we where meant to disrupt cycles, to corrupt vitality...but yet, we where meant to do GREAT! I'm staring at the mirror now...I see no men...

Source: yvymag @ TSF

In Harpers China - September
Ph: Daniel Sannwald
Models: Jacob Coupe and Charlie France

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