21 August 2010

A slight touch of men

One of my favourites photographers, Steven Meisel, got touched by the filthy marrow of man made trash. The result turned into such a manifestation of cruelty and realism that broke up the usual fashion conception of an editorial blooming the creation into a grown up controversy. Some might say that the clothes can't be seen properly, what clashes with the main point of a fashion ed indeed, but I believe Steven achieved another statement...not only he brought the world into fashion, he got fashion in the world too...In my view, every piece of art have to endure some meaning while representing the view of an artist. Fashion photography, although it might be forgotten once in a while, must follow the same requirements to be able to change or create some knowledge. In fact, I put my credits on this great work...an outstanding communication vehicle for incredible dense thoughts.

source: blackangel41999 @ tfs

 "Water & Oil"
In Vogue Italy - August 2010
Ph: Steven Meisel
Model: Kristen McMenamy

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