20 August 2010

Put limits on my face!

Hello you guys...

Well, it's been a long way since I found a point on starting a real blog, an even longer way to achieve the knowledge to build something worth to be seen, somehow...The truth is: a shy person always search a reason to avoid some show-off...most of the time the pointless reason wins...But how could I win from such a persistent person like my Girlfriend (blogger too, from My Fashion Insider)? It would be an illusion. Lucky me having such a girl as a stimulus.
Raising a Fashion blog is not an easy task, specially when you are a male specimen...not that much attractive for the fashion industry (in my point of view)...My will is not to create something where I show myself to the world, but to share instead my point of view about this way of expression, this market of conceptions where you choose your way to show your feeling about the global madness that fashion industry breeds. In fact, I believe in madness as THE booster of creativity and artistic creation, I believe that every person carry some spark, some chaotic moving of particles, that in some fertile minds bloom into beauty and genius...What do you think about this?
I'll be leaving you with some of these nonsenses once in a while. I'll let you know what I believe
to be good quality and important works on fashion industry, and a bit of my interpretation of what trends talk about... Hope you like it!

picture taken by Nádia (from My Fashion Insider)

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