23 August 2010

Androgynously happy

What means to be a man or woman? Nothing at all, I believe! What is the gender but a misconception of society, the way people understand and normalize the movements of our bodies and minds?
Social limits for social persons raise a violent question: Am I a foreign soul in a strange body? Within this bunch of social nonsenses, at least the way I look at all of this, lies the true source of prejudice and self-destructive thoughts that create boundaries right there, at the birth of our character. I believe every person struggles, at some moment of life, with doubts and misunderstandings...although the point here is the conception of our sexual being, without taboos, this same stupid gender question turns out to be massive. It's still true that women struggle to achieve better jobs, it's still true the belief that men can't know how to dress without being gay...there a lot going on...still true. What people think about fashion world? A bunch of homosexuals, low weight girls and craziness to be mixed up and used like objects! Well I don't know from the inside, but even if it is a bit like that, reality is that society has lost the natural limits...So many rules without logic, so many trashy little disgusting thoughts, so much hate...Why people don't see the things as they really are? We all are human beings, we all are going to die some day...so why chasing Jews? Why kill for the difference of the colour of your skin? Why homosexuals need to love in secret? What's the problem to be proud of the difference, when the difference don't do any harm to anybody??? I'm proud to live loving...no matter what...I'm proud to be able to feel freely! I've found that my rescuer lived in the soul of my girlfriend! I'm free now, and you?

source: Thefrency @ TFS

Rive Gauche et Libre
In Vogue Paris - September 2010
Ph: Mert & Marcus
Models: Andrej Pejic (all the photos uploaded), Daphne Groeneveld, Malgosia Bela and Lea T.

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  1. I LOVED your text!

    I'm so happy to have rescued you!

    Always yours <3