1 September 2010

A Sad Drop of Everything! A stunning preview...

Dust is falling, comforting the tiny tears of rain, bringing back the constance of mud...maybe stone someday! It is time to regret the crazy blossom of spring and summer, look within souls, within our matter...What's about time? What's about such stunning power? I want to be motionless...I want to freeze this lack of certainty! In fact, what's the meaning of time? How can it be, such a divine mess, rule it all? Does it really means something? You see, can you find a good point to explain time? It is so subjective, so mutable...If an intelligent being, far from earth, lived 1000 human years, what would mean a day for him? Does it make sense? Einstein brought relativity to the way we look at time, got away from the unifying truth of everything. For me, time is very physical, close to a touchable thing...I see it in everything, because, what is time if not the measure for ageing, our count down about everything? You know, you might not see it, nor feel it, but even a stone, even the most inert thing, the tiniest atom, gets older, and older each day. Everything is made by atoms right? And an atom, for instance, will decay towards emptiness...Matter turns into light...light into matter...that's the whole point about E=mc2...perhaps it is a notion that most of the people would find awkward, but yet it is an intriguing way to see the world! Nothing is quite as it may seems, nothing is simply this or that...maybe it is a bit of everything. I'll be waiting to turn myself into light...patiently...I'm in this state called life...let me absorb everything on it, cause it feels perfect!

Source: model.com and vmagazine.com

Uptown & Downtown
In V Magazine #67
Ph: Mario Testino
Models: Carmen Kass, Anna Selezneva, Freja Beha Erichsen and Sasha Pivovarova