21 August 2010

Tribute to Alexander McQueen

source: frillr
Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2009 campaign

Isn't it perfect? Genius, controversial, creative, imaginative, inspiring, fearless...all is perfect when you have Lee McQueen showing how to be a true designer. How can fashion world live without such a legend? Truth is, he will always be the ultimate inspiration.
All the branches of this giant tree, and I mean art with the "tree", have their tiny sparks, their tiny perfect cradles of confusion and madness that keep life going round and round around their veins and arteries, around the very core of the inspiration. What is the point of creation? Always rise humanity to their limits. What is the point of questioning? Keep our minds ready for creation. What is the point of thinking? Make us understand. And what is the point of understanding? Get closer to who we are. At my perspective, who we are creates an image of ourselves, an ultimate creation, the way Man looks inside him, the conception of our image...That conception, somehow, is the trigger of the disquietude around great minds, and still the trigger of great confusion...So confusion is a noble state of mind, in my view, a noble and dangerous state of mind, that fertilizes the neutral spots trying to evade the massive miscalculated memories of our brain lakes. There's a limit around craziness you know? A trashy, near unbearable, burden for those who live jumping from creation to creation. Although the disapproval of madness around our society, great minds tend to gain balance ignoring the rules, gain structure ignoring the patterns, breaking the unbreakable vows for a straight ruled mind. Do dinosaurs run free on the land in 2010? Of course they do...if I decide so, they will run free, at least in my 2010 world! Everything is possible...you just have to believe it.
Here goes my tender tears for the greatest designer of all times!...I will keep chasing Nerver Land Lee, no matter what...Me and all your flock...our beloved pink cheep!

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