29 October 2011

Meanwhile: CRAZY FOR McQUEEN!!!

I know that these pictures are not the best...I am not the right person to take pictures with my acquaintances dropped on the bed...XD...But this one deserved it! Look at HIM!!! What a perfect McQueen-like charm around it! I was dazzled when I first dropped my eyes on it...like BANG and I had to buy it! I can't wait to wear it...I was dying for a scarf like this for sooo long! It is so amazing when you find these kind of stuff just by accident...like this one!

I still don't have the photos from my trip...I believe they will be in my hands in the first of November! At least I hope so! Be around dears!

- Português -

Eu bem sei que estas não são as melhores fotografias do mundo...e para ser honesto, não sou muito bom a tirar este tipo de fotografias...simplesmente não morro de amores! XD...Mas este merecia!!! Não é a coisa mais fofa? Com a sua aura McQueen-esca! Este lenço veio num daqueles momentos em que não estamos à espera...cheio de pressa olhei para a montra da DETAILS e BANG, tinha de comprá-lo! Sabem qual é a sensação, certo? Estava há tanto tempo para comprar algo que me lembrasse do meu designer favorito...Finalmente encontrei! :D...assim, por acidente!

Ainda não tenho as fotos da viagem...cheira-me que estaram na minha posse no 1º de Novembro! Pelo menos assim espero! Vão visitando e deixando os vossos comentários...adoro lê-los! :D

Kisses Beijos


27 October 2011

Waiting for the pictures!

Well...that's the problem about not having a camera for my own, right? I'm waiting for the pictures to be handled to me guys...I'll be posting right away! :D...Can't wait to share with you the fantastic moments in Brussels! 

- Português - 

Bem...cá estou eu de volta, feliz e restaurado para voltar a estudar sem poder me fartar! Mais uma vez, o problema de não ter uma máquina fotográfica totalmente minha...tenho de esperar pelas fotografias...e nesse campo têm surgido alguns obstáculos! Mal as tenha partilho com vocês todos os momentos maravilhosos que vivi em Bruxelas!

Huge kisses / Beijos enormes

20 October 2011

Brussels, Here I GO!!!

If there was any sense around the lack of wings amongst the Humans, we would never build strong and heavy shells to forge our way between the mysteries of the air! Air...such a marvellous element! 

It's tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I can't feel happier! I'm crazy nervous...time seems to be lazy...Finally I'll be where I am suppose to be...next to the one I love! I'll be out from Portugal, out from studies, out from the Hospital, and specially out from the distance! Well...I have to admit, I'll be out from Blogui (here) too...but the thing is, I'll have a lot of news and pictures to share in 6 days! :DDD Here I go Guys!!! 

- Mother language -

É amanhã pessoal! AMANHÃ!!! Não podia mesmo estar mais feliz...na verdade estou super ansioso e nervoso...o tempo parece que não passa, teima em deambular pelas ruas e ignorar-me! Finalmente vou sentir-me no meu lugar no mundo, no sítio da minha alma, perto daquele que amo! Nos próximos dias não vão haver livros, nem Hospital (apesar de ter de ir lá amanhã de manhã para dar um pouco da minha graça) e, principalmente, vamos (os dois XD) esquecer a distância! Merda para a distância...é o último ano que a sentimos...só mais um bocadinho, né? Bem, tenho de admitir que também estarei longue aqui do Blogui...mas nada como pensar que em 6 dias vou ter montes de novidades e fotografias para partilhar! :DDD

See you soon guys! / Volto em breve!

Here I go Brussels!

17 October 2011

Summer, oh my perfect Summer!

I feel like remembering frozen moments, things that shall never be apart from me. Sometimes I'm a rather stubborn guy, a difficult partner, or even a rusty, dirty and raw piece of furniture that you cannot find a tiny spark of magic to justify keeping it. Yet, you do keep it to your own, embracing something, not special, neither magical, curiously complicated instead, as if the mystery burst out and burnt a metal bond between everything around it. Light and dark can always be at balance once in a while, dust and water from my core and a random whisper of thanks blooming from the happiness around a shared sunrise! I've continuously endured a search for something I could never find by my own, something not able to be learnt from books, nor movies, not even life can always be sure about the teaching. My life, as my tutor, found the way...yet sometimes I ignore some of her teachings...between tears and angry screams from the past I found the way to a place where I can look at the window and understand clearly the mesmerizing beauty from the simple things; the moments of natural silence; the tranquillizing touch of  fresh grass on your skin, while your head meets your twin soul; the falling of that leave from an oak tree above us; the singing from the birds, awaking the animals for the adventure of another day...I have been waking up during the night, getting my feet to warming as the moon abandons the sky and gives space to the sunshine...I've been walking on dirt and grass as the light breaks the dawn...I've been whispering to the sun: "Come, Come...I'll be watching!"; He always comes! Like you always find the way to calm my heart and tell me you love me without a word...I found your soul in the magic of the Aurora! I'm not a mystery any more...Nock at my skin, and you'll find you in!

Pics taken by André (my love)

Sleeveless Shirt H&M
Vest Pull&Bear
Drapped Cardigan ASOS
Denim Shorts DIY
Sandals ZARA
Hat H&M
Sunglasses RAY-BAN

This look is nothing that special, not a bright thing to be admired...well but I do loved to wear it. It remembers me some great days :D...And guys...THAT PAINTING!!! Is crazy gorgeous...I love these painted walls in big cities! :D

These were some quick photos cause we were losing the sunlight, so running out of time! XD...Still, hope you like and comment, liking or not! :D

Two last pictures (not the same look, but I found a good one to be here)... Cheers to a beautiful city the shall never be forgotten! :D

PORTO (Pics taken by me)

14 October 2011

Closer and closer...

It is getting closer and closer each day...minute after minute I am a step closer to the place where I have my heart, soul and life! In one week I will be travelling to Brussels! :D...Finally together again!

Of course this means I'll be able to wear winter cloths and take an huge amount of pictures...but that is less important to me at this moment! I'm crazy excited!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Huge kisses,

4 October 2011

Clear as water

Well...I was feeling rather uninspired these past few days...I can say that problems were to be solved...but now they are problems no more! Everything went back to normal...wait...to be honest it got better! I believe that you can always get through some cloudy moments with honesty and comprehensiveness...and love of course...without that you cannot afford willing something! Life here has got to that familiar twisting hurricane...! Still I find myself dreaming about an weekend quick trip to Brussels to meet my love! If it is possible for me to endure more love, I do it everyday...I know this is quite cliché, yet you can, once in awhile, afford some of these common sentences to describe a true feeling! A feeling that I believe will last forever...

I know I've been away...but my work at hospital, the study needs...and everything got me so away from here...Sorry for that! You certainly know how hard sometimes getting spare time is!

Photos taken by André

Sheer shirt ZARA
Drapped cardigan ASOS
Black jeans ZARA
Sandals ZARA

You're right...this is a rather simple look...But I love this shirt so much! Hope you like it too! 
Kisses and hugs!