24 August 2011

Daily Words

The night is falling, yet the mind remains clear...I'm missing the warm feeling of the skin while the snow is tumbling down the winter's morning mood...I know that, perhaps this year I might experience it again...like a memory of the  fire's touch while watching as it burns the dry wood during our Christmas days...I miss you everyday. Waiting for a new Christmas!

PS: I want to buy WINTER clothes!!!

23 August 2011

Daily Words

And so it was remembering how it is to feel alone with my own thoughts, watching the time going by, saying few unspeakable sentences as a partner of the northern winds coming as the moment comes closer. It's indeed a rather odd feeling, mixed at least: good for the moments to crystalline themselves as they meet their rightful conclusions, awful to meet, indeed the newborn conclusions and to face their meanings. One: one more year; Two: I have to learn the ways of understandings, not cosy words; Three: I'm glad I still have my stronghold with me; Four: I'll be waiting; Five: What's time?...just that...we are bigger; Six: This may seem impossible to manage, like a fairy-tale; Seven: There's no princess, no witch, no unfindable obstacles, just what is left from a fairy-tale; 8: I do believe in fairy-tales...

Björk new cover and song
Fashion designer: ThreeAsFour

22 August 2011

Daily Words

It is getting closer each day: another postponed daily hug, or kiss, even a single touch...postpone your luck...Sometimes I wonder where to put my selfish desires; I need them too, you know? Where to put them? Perhaps I should be answering "not where, but when!". One thing I can assure: I'll be waiting to see your lights turning back to the source...that would be me!

Pandora's Box

"Strange winds these days, don't you think?...we were supposed to be handling shimmering hot and shiny days, not these kind of summer curiosity around some winter atonement! It's fascinating how Nature gets confused, just as if it was in some kind of bending aimed towards solidarity to a contemporary Human condition...in fact, all the sadness around seems to get clear now. There is no more doubts about future problems... reality is good enough. I was wondering about reality and certainly I found a rightful heir to the throne on the best comparison: some closed box with an empty space around! Then, you could just try to think about what would be shielded inside the box...curiosity, uh?...simultaneously, you would be invited to open the box, whether afraid or not, Would you, in fact, open it? And if I told you that inside the box were hidden the most reliable death eating machines ever made, or, for instance, a bunch of deadly diseases ready to dismantle the whole wide world, or, simply your worst nightmare...in fact I would give you a particular prophecy (I'm a prophet now btw): Those who open The wooden made box, born from those who claim emptiness for there own crafting material, shall be warded from dawn to dust with the fortune of the mighty dreamers of lust! But, be aware, when poor are the forgotten and wealthy the all-gotten, dust will settle in and Humans shall live again as basic as their end!"

Lets talk about the most recent events: I'm having the most dense holidays EVER!!! Crazy happy, crazy everything! In fact all these last months I was waiting for something great to happen: the moment of the Coming Back of the loved one! It happened...and it is perfect! I'm living the most glowing days ever...:D...and I'm happy to share it with you guys!

Well...as I told you before, this was the first idea for the jumper of the last outfit...I finally got to use it one of these last days ( the lack of sun turned it possible!)...YAYY! So what do you guys think?

Kisses and hugs!

Pics taken by André

Jumper Pull&Bear
Shorts DIY (from some old Springfield shorts)
Leggins H&M
Sandals ZARA

7 August 2011

And so it was a cold day!

"Keys...the Keys...down with the river flow, they go! «Concerned?» No, not even close! I went upstairs, straight in the middle of the whole wide heaven, just to find me picking up the utmost important windup: there is no need to fringe it up...simple to be simple, great just as that...perfectly crystal clear...giving away the keys, right after locking the locket - forgive me my redundancy - my heartwood has just found his Greenwich meridian! So how could I possibly maim this moment of total and explosive sense of certain with concerns?? No darling I shan't be that boy! Besides, there's nothing to be afraid of...Well, there was a chapel, and a small village, and the bridge of course, I mean, the locket bridge - you know? some kind of deeply emotive monument where you can proclaim your future as if you were instantly blessed with the fine art of divination - and the monumental music from the catholic ceremony, due to the chapel, you see? The whole package it was! There was I, sitting on the staircase, realizing the moment, sipping the smells of the vivid and non-vivid things...specially the one by my side: totally vivid, yet with a static look - for my eyes I mean - with no less then my heigh, simple as a blooming flower, just as perfect as that, yet much greater, much addicting...a marvellous and angelic figure wondering how to write on a bunch of metal? I was matching the letters to form the word A-S-K...but it was too distracting...so I simply picked up the piece of the locking material and some heavy and much denser spark of iron in my pocket and start writing! Said to him: I believe this is the sentence you were willing to merge within, right? - and the music kept on sailing through the ocean bed - «Come on! There's a locker to be locked - and the smile was shining - will you stay?" 

Pictures taken by André and Jimmy

Jumper Pull&Bear
Sleeveless shirt H&M
Belt H&M
Jeans ZARA
Oxfords ZARA
Sunglasses Ray-Ban

This look was not how I planned...the problems with the way Polish guys deal with difference is not much alike of what I'm used to, so I got the advise not to use the whole outfit I wanted!...Still I will show it to you in no time! :)

The locker bridge

I know...the last days in Poland were a bit hard to get to the blog...well, photos from other source plus more stuff equals to a bunch of delays! SORRY!!! :$
Here are more photos:

Pic taken by me, btw

The Japanese Garden in Wroclaw...one word: GORGEOUS!

Building in front of the Wroclaw's Fountain, one of the most emblematic monuments of the city...

Wrowclaw's Fountain

- v -  The Last day...coming back :(  - v -

Gluttony at London's airport. A nasty and fatty breakfast.

I know I've been away, more then it was expected...I had some well deserved unexpected vacancies, which made me delay every single plan I had for the blog...the good news are: I have plenty of photos to post now! :DDD

Great Kisses!