31 August 2010

Between Mirrors

There is a sun; there is a moon; everything runs with the sense of a perfect balance, a kind and wild thought that makes us believe in future and give up on past. What is balance? What if this sensation is, as always, a miscalculated belief? "I'm at home, alone, sleeping...it is 5 o'clock in the morning, the streets are being cleaned up by those who we don't even notice...shadows between nights...then the moon gives up on time, and the sun comes and rises...I wake up; my life stills standing up towards my mirror: What do I see? The perfect being? Perhaps not...maybe chaos could describe mankind; maybe doubt could proclaim herself as the queen, why not goddess?, of our messy trashy cloudy room called earth. I walk beneath the skies, I breath, I pollute, I hate, I love, I could die or keep living, I could forget but I still remember, I could see the hateful living beings but most of the time I give up on feeling, I could not hurt people or feel hurt about it but I can't, I could sleep without the touch of death but I'm mortal, I could believe I'm significant but isn't that an illusion?, I could see my life with the guarantee of success but I know I'm lost, I could pretend to find myself within this labyrinth but I can't find balance...There is nothing like that within. Now, could I give up on dreaming, wondering? NO...never...I got back from my office now; I'm undressing myself; let's look again in the mirror...What do you see? Everything...I can see it perfectly...the winds blowing up my hair; the hope, all the possibilities, that make me lose the point on superficiality; the persons living, who hate me, who might not yet love me, who love me above all the things, or that simply love me...I love them all!"...It's not because our nature is to live between mirrors, trusting ourselves to the illusion of eternity, protect what we have hating and feeling envy, or even killing, that I give up on humanity...I love it all...We where born from the perfect match, we where born chaotic, unbalanced, full of imperfections...but we all have it all...The good and the bad, the wrong and the right, the future and the past...Above all things, we lack of balance...we where meant to disrupt cycles, to corrupt vitality...but yet, we where meant to do GREAT! I'm staring at the mirror now...I see no men...

Source: yvymag @ TSF

In Harpers China - September
Ph: Daniel Sannwald
Models: Jacob Coupe and Charlie France

23 August 2010

Heavenly stripes

pictures taken by Nádia from My Fashion Insider
Shorts: DIY (from a Pull & Bear pants)
Shirt: H&M
Sunglasses: H&M
Sandals: Zara
Watch: Swatch

Another look...this one was to be something close to the sailor trend...Hope you guys like it! All the photos were taken in Verona, Italy...during my last vacation.

Fur of my Flesh

I won't give another annoying philosophic dissertation about my thoughts...now I just want to say what a talented guy!!! Such a strong bone structure and, as I can tell, a huge talent for photography! I'm not a big fan of fur...specially on menswear! But I'm getting used to it...perhaps I will change, who knows?

  source: steelmachines @ TFS

Mad Season
In Zoo Magazine #27
Ph: Dancian
Model: Charlie France

Androgynously happy

What means to be a man or woman? Nothing at all, I believe! What is the gender but a misconception of society, the way people understand and normalize the movements of our bodies and minds?
Social limits for social persons raise a violent question: Am I a foreign soul in a strange body? Within this bunch of social nonsenses, at least the way I look at all of this, lies the true source of prejudice and self-destructive thoughts that create boundaries right there, at the birth of our character. I believe every person struggles, at some moment of life, with doubts and misunderstandings...although the point here is the conception of our sexual being, without taboos, this same stupid gender question turns out to be massive. It's still true that women struggle to achieve better jobs, it's still true the belief that men can't know how to dress without being gay...there a lot going on...still true. What people think about fashion world? A bunch of homosexuals, low weight girls and craziness to be mixed up and used like objects! Well I don't know from the inside, but even if it is a bit like that, reality is that society has lost the natural limits...So many rules without logic, so many trashy little disgusting thoughts, so much hate...Why people don't see the things as they really are? We all are human beings, we all are going to die some day...so why chasing Jews? Why kill for the difference of the colour of your skin? Why homosexuals need to love in secret? What's the problem to be proud of the difference, when the difference don't do any harm to anybody??? I'm proud to live loving...no matter what...I'm proud to be able to feel freely! I've found that my rescuer lived in the soul of my girlfriend! I'm free now, and you?

source: Thefrency @ TFS

Rive Gauche et Libre
In Vogue Paris - September 2010
Ph: Mert & Marcus
Models: Andrej Pejic (all the photos uploaded), Daphne Groeneveld, Malgosia Bela and Lea T.

21 August 2010

Roman rubbish

pictures taken by Nádia from My Fashion Insider
Pants: DIY
Shirt: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Sandals: Zara
Sunglasses: H&M
Watch: Swatch

Well...Here comes my first look. Many are those who think this is a bit too much, but, to be honest, I love my Givenchy inspired pants and I loved to use them around the streets of Verona, Italy. When I came up with the idea of doing them I thought it would be hard for me to find the perfect outfit I had in mind...but I did it. Thanks to my dressmaker...and to my patience mind who carried the heavy task of bearing all the pointing amongst the crowd.

Tribute to Alexander McQueen

source: frillr
Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2009 campaign

Isn't it perfect? Genius, controversial, creative, imaginative, inspiring, fearless...all is perfect when you have Lee McQueen showing how to be a true designer. How can fashion world live without such a legend? Truth is, he will always be the ultimate inspiration.
All the branches of this giant tree, and I mean art with the "tree", have their tiny sparks, their tiny perfect cradles of confusion and madness that keep life going round and round around their veins and arteries, around the very core of the inspiration. What is the point of creation? Always rise humanity to their limits. What is the point of questioning? Keep our minds ready for creation. What is the point of thinking? Make us understand. And what is the point of understanding? Get closer to who we are. At my perspective, who we are creates an image of ourselves, an ultimate creation, the way Man looks inside him, the conception of our image...That conception, somehow, is the trigger of the disquietude around great minds, and still the trigger of great confusion...So confusion is a noble state of mind, in my view, a noble and dangerous state of mind, that fertilizes the neutral spots trying to evade the massive miscalculated memories of our brain lakes. There's a limit around craziness you know? A trashy, near unbearable, burden for those who live jumping from creation to creation. Although the disapproval of madness around our society, great minds tend to gain balance ignoring the rules, gain structure ignoring the patterns, breaking the unbreakable vows for a straight ruled mind. Do dinosaurs run free on the land in 2010? Of course they do...if I decide so, they will run free, at least in my 2010 world! Everything is possible...you just have to believe it.
Here goes my tender tears for the greatest designer of all times!...I will keep chasing Nerver Land Lee, no matter what...Me and all your flock...our beloved pink cheep!

Breaking the news about sunset

 picture taken by me

This was an experiment! Since I don't have a good camera, not even close to that, I have to use my imagination to play with the environments...
I was on a car heading to my house, with my sunglasses...suddenly I looked at the sunset and an ideal picture occurred me. So I took my sunglasses, put them in front of the camera, to give that sepia look, waited and took the picture...What do you think? 

A slight touch of men

One of my favourites photographers, Steven Meisel, got touched by the filthy marrow of man made trash. The result turned into such a manifestation of cruelty and realism that broke up the usual fashion conception of an editorial blooming the creation into a grown up controversy. Some might say that the clothes can't be seen properly, what clashes with the main point of a fashion ed indeed, but I believe Steven achieved another statement...not only he brought the world into fashion, he got fashion in the world too...In my view, every piece of art have to endure some meaning while representing the view of an artist. Fashion photography, although it might be forgotten once in a while, must follow the same requirements to be able to change or create some knowledge. In fact, I put my credits on this great work...an outstanding communication vehicle for incredible dense thoughts.

source: blackangel41999 @ tfs

 "Water & Oil"
In Vogue Italy - August 2010
Ph: Steven Meisel
Model: Kristen McMenamy

20 August 2010

Put limits on my face!

Hello you guys...

Well, it's been a long way since I found a point on starting a real blog, an even longer way to achieve the knowledge to build something worth to be seen, somehow...The truth is: a shy person always search a reason to avoid some show-off...most of the time the pointless reason wins...But how could I win from such a persistent person like my Girlfriend (blogger too, from My Fashion Insider)? It would be an illusion. Lucky me having such a girl as a stimulus.
Raising a Fashion blog is not an easy task, specially when you are a male specimen...not that much attractive for the fashion industry (in my point of view)...My will is not to create something where I show myself to the world, but to share instead my point of view about this way of expression, this market of conceptions where you choose your way to show your feeling about the global madness that fashion industry breeds. In fact, I believe in madness as THE booster of creativity and artistic creation, I believe that every person carry some spark, some chaotic moving of particles, that in some fertile minds bloom into beauty and genius...What do you think about this?
I'll be leaving you with some of these nonsenses once in a while. I'll let you know what I believe
to be good quality and important works on fashion industry, and a bit of my interpretation of what trends talk about... Hope you like it!

picture taken by Nádia (from My Fashion Insider)