30 May 2011

Pass the point of no return!...Cheerful Light

There was a secret about trading winds...a secret about things whether crossed, never to be changed... frontiers to the other side...east or west, north or south, finding or being lost, things to be known from the trust.  They say the moon has a twin sister, a dark one (for sure this idea is much more older than the White/Black swan dichotomy), never to be seen or touched...I've always wondered: why dark things have to be bad? I rather prefer to think that if something is hidden or safe from the bitterness of this world, for sure it has something that is worth the effort! There was a day...for a boy like no other...to fell death right beneath his soul rack; if it was a mistake to chose this destiny, his shadow would never recognize it for sure; you could say that was a split off, body and soul were breaking up; it was a rather odd, perhaps an hard paper work, to find a reasonable reason for that soul to pop out and to began wondering why should she bound again...well it's not everyday you crash against your own body hiding you for some reason you just can't solve! It could, and it was probably, a lost case! Well, still the point was: follow the white light towards Neverland? Or pursue the answer...as a matter of facts, you already know the answer...You can see on the photo above...shadow or not, she was finding the answer! And GOSH she found it! To the point...there was she, complaining about the  lacking of something...what would it be? For some reason the answer come across quite fast...whether it wasn't the celerity of the thing, for sure the answer would be lost! Every history has an Hero and a Villain, and every villain has always a huge part of misunderstandings! I could go on with this, instead I soak my effort to make the message sink in: If I was searching for a lighter or a darker side, I din't know...If I was the hero or the villain, it remains unclear...What I know is that I've found the answers, at the moment I less expected it! You know great things come as a natural order of the realism around us...it is on the surrealism we are masters! I've passed the point of no return...Portuguese body with a soul as colourful as an AURORA...stretch out your arm, your not that far...see? You've touched my soul...I'm warm now...tough answer it was...now I can paint our surrealist word...on a cheerful light!

Pics taken by André Lameiras

Shirt: H&M
T-shirt: Pull&Bear
Chinos: DIY_Pull&Bear
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: RayBan

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One more day in Wroclaw. You certainly are becoming tired of this trip! Well, I'm not...and I would be jumping towards Poland right away if I could (and with lots of reasons)! This day we were gifted with the presence of a street illusionist...and GOD he was good! He made some crazy stuff and we definitely appreciated everything! :D...with went to one of the city towers, and it was as remarkable as excruciating: you see, climbing all those stares, all those claustrophobic stares is a rather complicated task! At the end it was really worth it! I live you with some more pictures:

 Me and André at the top of the tower

Saint Magdalena's Cathedral after World War II

Same cathedral after rebuilding

 I'll tell you one Polish tale I've came across on my next post! XD

Huge Hug!

28 May 2011

Me...You...and Liberty!

And so it was...meant to set things up! No more wars to need, no more...no more tears to bleed, no more...no more hands to crush, and so, never to be poor! I was right from the beginning:  sparks and shiny electric flushes coming out from those blue eyes...and where was I? stuck in mother nature doubt, willing to return that look...shy I was! I was meant to chose, Truth or ... Love or ... Kiss or ... Future or ... You could land your hand to help me, in fact, realizing the dilemma now makes it so simple. Yet, I was lacking of a lift to be transcendent, and HE...he was that lift! "SO BE IT!!!" "What can I do?"..."be FREE...he said to me!"...And so it was: "I'll be...you just have to LOVE me!" If there is luck my friends...I'm lucky to live...always TOGETHER! Perhaps it is about the Carnations...always such a symbol of perfect beauty...I only realize two wars with no weapons, two Carnation shotguns: 25th April of 1974 and the one WE've won...

Pics taken by André Lameiras

T-Shirt: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Socks: H&M
Watch: Swatch

Me and André (88)

Perfect afternoon...There is no need of words to describe how lucky I am, nor how thankful I am! :')

"And all my dreams, they all came true
The day I lay my head on you!"

By Antony & The Johnsons

27 May 2011

Back from a DREAM!!!

As soon as I arrived, everything became crystal clear: an airport that small, could never endure us both...a city so damn big and gorgeous could never realize those kind of emotions! I was dazzled...envy was blooming from the surroundings...and there was I...staring at my Aurora...there was I, imploring for the time to be frozen...but my heart was beating too fast, too warm, too strong...an impetuous confusion...when it came to me: I was in a conscience berserk...enduring all of those glorious days, all of those perfect moments, glittering gifts, not to be ended, never to be forgotten, still secret moments, as deep as my loving vows! I am gifted, you know: I love and I'm returned...not only I was there...I was everywhere! Wroclaw, is no longer a city; Wroclaw is a secret, where my regards and greatest deeds, fountains that will always be love witnesses, links and friendships, a bridge where I have locked two hearts FOREVER: 8! 

This is Rynek, the central square! The first 3 Photos are from the City Hall!!! Is this possible? Such an outstanding building! The thing is: This is just marvellous! XD

A view during a tram trip to Home!

There were cathedrals like this one everywhere! So beautiful...Sometimes I found myself wondering if I wasn't in a small village from the past century, strolling around and waving to my neighbours!  

From the skies!

Lets talk about Poland, and Poles! To be honest, Poland is a place of a remarkable variety! Some of them can shine with a invigorating sense of sympathy, and lack of prejudice; on the other hand, some "well dressed man" (in our way of thinking) can end up lining on a frivolous chain of events, that you could never predict something good coming out at the finishing point. Well, I was told to be smooth, and I was...and, to be honest, God save the Queen that gave me the pinch (two queens to be accurate)...I wouldn't be sane now, of that I'm sure. It is just a matter of adaptation. After jumping that obstacle, everything was perfect...except for the weather! LOL...A Portuguese guy like me end up freezing to death when everyone else was strolling down the streets wanting to get less clothes on! The truth of Wroclaw is: when you are a guest of your love, you are the most loved person in the world...Wroclaw is a city for lovers, and a city that loves you! Although every city looks perfectly made when you are loving your company, this one is a really nice place to go!  
For the sense of fashion, let's say that you can find some great outfits once in a while and some pure unaware dressing practitioners! You can't be born well taught!

I'll be posting my outfits soon! And more pictures of the town...and some very special stuff too...at least for ME! XD As I said before, my clothes couldn't be as sharp as I wanted them to be...still!

Tell me what you guys think! 

Huge HUG!!! 

7 May 2011

The sun rise...Going to Poland

 Long time and no talk with my fellows, here at my tiny baby! I've been away from this world that excites me sooo much, I mean fashion World, of course! Indeed, my life has suffered a great turnabout. A good one...now things are great, yet different, perfect and pure! I'm feeling in a way that I believe that's what they call happiness. You must try it at least one day in your whole life! Sometimes, when everything seems crazy or creepy, life teaches you an inevitable lesson: never lie to yourself...whether you might feel confuse, TRUTH WILL OUT! Finding you, and finding your other soul is worth it!

I've been away for a reasonable fact: although I could be posting and talking about works in the fashion industry, I couldn't let you see my outfits...I was without any kind of camera or photographer! Well, I'm still dealing with that fact, yet I find myself sneaking with some friend's cameras and asking for pictures...I will try to photograph my Winter outfits to post here...
For now, I'll be travelling to Poland...towards my distant home...finding my place...there will be pictures of it! I swear! Thank you, if you read this...a can not be more pleased to have all of you in my blog...although you're few...it means a lot! :D

Pics taken by Nádia from MyFashionInsider

Draped Cardigan: ASOS online
T-Shirt: Pull&Bear
Chinos: DIY from Pull&Bear (long time ago collection)
Shoes: ZARA
Belt: H&M
Bag: Blanco
Snood: ZARA
Sunglasses: H&M