19 September 2011


"I'm searching for a tender reality where Men are treated just like that, MEN...Human Beings!!! I'm still searching for a place where somehow there will be no prejudice...I'll keep on searching through the window for a distant land where I can lay down my heart knowing for sure that will be no blood in vain...Looking through the window..." 

Past words they are...there are no windows anymore...and there is always a moment when you crack the window...you see? The point is: first step to destroy a dream is to believe it is in your hands to make it happen! It is a single Man job to grow up his/her own dreamland, free of stupidity and clumsiness! I'll save lives everyday...I'll have that man by my side and i'll be happy...and I'll help, with my own dreamland, to build a global one!
Just Imagine...Just believe...

Pics taken by André

Shirt H&M
Cardigan H&M
Shorts DIY
Shoes ZARA
Crocodile Belt VINTAGE (from my dad's closet)

- Lucky me -

Not calm words...

Hello guys...today is an outstanding day for those who simply dislike when I start writing about silly things in a very unsure and non clarifying way...today I've decided to be more precise... In fact, I've started to wonder how many of you, who delightfully or not come across my blog, actually end up readying what I write? I don't know the answer, and despite the fact of most of my words being rather fair to my utmost defining personal edges, I believe that sometimes it's better to keep it simple.
Today I've figured out that I don't have quite a picture about how I seem to be for you as a blogger or a free writer, nor even as a person (personality I mean)...as usual I'm always doubting about myself, and since this blog has been here for one year by now, I wonder if I have done something right or willing to be followed. As a matter of fact, I really don't know. Since I actually do this kind of self-worshipping not really for those who come across this home-made stuff but for me as a way to indulge my creative and artistic needs, I do it in a very particular way that I don't really get if it fits. Let me tell you what keeps me going as a blogger: 1. I like the way fashion binds people freely, just like any other artistic expression; 2. I like to learn from people who knows more than me; 3. I like to write, even if it is just to remain closed inside an online box; 4. I believe that, somehow, someone will be inspired as I was and still am by some of you guys (tho I always end up concluding that I'm not that good as an inspiration...only if what matters is to wear what to find great for yourself); 5. I like perspectives, more or less extreme then mine, specially when they help me to improve my own opinions...and that, of course, requires an huge amount of honesty...And there's the most dark side of online fashion world: How can you tell when people are being honest with you??? Honestly guys, haven't you got that feeling yet, while readying some comments here and there, of being unable to understand a bunch of positive words about something completely wrong? Well I certainly have that quite often...and perhaps it's because of my rule to not fake an opinion that I don't end up having an HUGE number of comments or a big BOOM on my followers...or I'm just too moron to not understand some tides! You see, I have a quite sharp self-criticism sense (if this is the way you say this); I do know that my blog remains a prototype, a Beta-testing thing for many and for me as well...The thing is, I do not work for kind words or well disguised bitter comments...I believe in one thing: those who come to my blog and leave some words are not seeking for some improvement on the number of views or anything like that...That's why I like it my way!
And you guys?

Sorry for the biggggggg "not calm" realization...but I couldn't help it...XD

Source @ TFS

The Freak
at VMan
Ph: Sølve Sundsbø
Model: Jacob Coupe

17 September 2011

Never ending days...

What if I blend my self among the waters from the rain with the clouds as vanishing starters? What if Peter? Couldn't you be merciful and teach me how to fly? Perhaps I would be closer to my needs...Sometimes winter knocks you out with such a strong impulse that you can't close your eyes and believe in mesmerizing beauties! It is, indeed, snowing inside...like a lilly, I'm not that special nor even that rare...but I'm meaningful! Is that a good thing? If this is just the time of wondering, I wonder when will this steady wait end? Not as if it is unknown...cause it is not...nor even as I am not willing to give it all...but I would happily fall asleep to wake up just then! Just to be able to stare to those shiny little eyes...just to feel again the warm touch of knowing it all! I miss everything now...My mind fills me with the illusion of an imminent touch, a newborn clumsiness to wake up just because that simplicity of a shared silence is perfect...I don't want to leave dreamland! Am I a lost boy?  "Second to the right, and straight on til morning!" Everyday closer and closer to you...

Then It will be a Laugh and a Sunny day! I'll always be by your side...

15 September 2011

And so it went towards the sun...

I would like to make it last forever...the days of perfection...reality to remain just like that: perfect with all the tiny imperfections! Sometimes I feel that those days have never went way, and the Alice within me has never became mute...I believe in starting a new breakfast tradition, just like wonderland; six impossible things...I would not think about a rabbit wearing a fashionable waistcoat, specially because it would be a rather obvious awful use for the sweet piece of clothe, neither would I became addicted to the picture of singing like flowers or a smoking caterpillar...indeed, my impossible things would be more like a bunch of stories where nothing wrong would be possible to happen to good people! Smells...oh, our sweet song to memory (the most permanent memories are born from smells, you know?)...I remember every smell, every song, every little spark of light, I remember it all! So, for that, our dream days will never go way...Whether they might seem quite distant now, far from their returning, they are too more precise, specially because we've learnt how our dance synchronizes itself...I always knew that Alice would always find the way to understand my heart...and for my remarkable addiction to her story I can not ask for more forgiveness! Lewis Carrol, Cheers to your mad story...despite its rather dubious source...It will always inspire me! 

Let me ask you: If you had to elect a "fairy-tale" character that suits you better who would he/she be? Well, I've always found myself in between; Alice? Jack Skellington? Peter Pan? I think I am quite a match to every single one of them...in certain aspects, of course...

Ok...lets continue the subject...Where was I? Oh yes...picturing my memories. When, in my whole life, would I think about going to the Reptilia section of a Zoo??? I HAVE HERPETOPHOBIA FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! So I would never, ever, picture that...still I went! Why? I don't know...it's just a matter of trust! Oh How I loved the beach...Jumping from rock to salty rock, from salty rock to the ocean! I know...I didn't actually jumped to the ocean and for that I'm sorry...too damn cold water...besides that huge point of wrongness in this whole image, I thank You for it all!

This was a rather casual look...not that amazing...but this day was a remarkable day, as my whole holidays! :D...Tell what you think

PS: I'm wearing my armour ring! Love it!!!

Pics taken by André

T-Shirt Pull&Bear
Flannel Shirt Vintage
Shorts DIY (from some old pants)
Shoes ZARA
Bag Vintage
Ring Mediaeval fair in Braga (Portugal) XD

All photos taken in Foz (Porto, Portugal)

10 September 2011

Green Tolerance

Surprise, surprise...here we go on another long way trip...There's tenderness in my actions...you probably wonder sometimes 'where are those cute tender whispers'. Well, you've seen them so well during these now passed tic-tac's of perfection...it is about to rebut my organic system, from a well made close range static arrow heart to an elder telekinetic far reaching still all loving, all passionate projectile. Let it be...my long well known chameleon soul, a rather peculiar one, have now find a new way to go. The truth is: I've always care too much to let myself go and get lost. Despite that very uncomfortable passed truth, I'm not that person any more...or I would never let my inner self travel by other's hand towards a foreign forest... I know that the Seeds of Eight will grow stronger each day, lingering each mumble of sorrow just to say: I'll always be on my way...to the place where I can find you...always ahead...stretch your arm...there, there...you've reached me!

Last days of peace...yeah it's true! The most remarkable Summer of all my life has indeed came to another checkpoint ('cause next year there will be more) :D... I'm giving you more details about my summer outfits...hope you like them!

Pics taken by André

Hat H&M
T-Shirt ZARA
Drapped Cardigan ASOS
Green Chinos ZARA
Oxfords ZARA
Bag VINTAGE (from my mother's wardrobe)
Sunglasses Ray-Ban