7 June 2011

Sunset at Rynek...missing falling stars

Warm was the feeling, a kiss merged into that sunset...nothing to be equal, nothing to be compared, perfect for the difference. If I was a man, then I've turned into a Divine one, bound to a distant end, knowing half-way the future. I could explain to myself the reason why, the thing is...there is nothing to be explained...if my heart have been beating all the time, then it was shinning ... You see? Realizing your human body have begun twisting from viscera to blooming flowers is not a natural thing, yet rather usual among loving beings. The sun has started a chaotic melody, defiling the astonished chasm, a dense picture of a marvelous garden, deeply embraced by the unison of the living atmosphere. Hands perfectly smooth, since they have been miraculously turned into a myriad of sage leaves, filled with tiny sparks of dew...Arms and legs have became limbs of a rotten tree, designed to embrace the lyrics of cherry blossoms and spring grass...there were daisies spreading through the remarkable confusing limbs...for the chest and belly, they were no more...since flowers have taken care of the dense trunk (stolen from an old oak)...as for the head...What a falling star? The head has aroused into a cradle, a birth place...there were blooming and borning and flowers and birds and tiny animals...and...everything dancing as the song kept playing...replacing the hair and the air around...a rebound incarnation, a equal giving and taking from hand to dust, from man to trust, from one to another, man and her mother, loving to the lover! And so it went until now...and so it will be towards the future...where we will be still standing...playing with the furniture of a world made for none, still for everyone...cause we'll still be...giving birth to a world with no boundaries...

Longing to catch a breath again, to endure the heat of your falling star...

Pics taken by André Lameiras

Shirt: Vintage
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Zara (borrowed from André XD...)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

There it was...a BEAUTIFUL sunset! Right in Rynek...I would love to get back there! :D...miss that place, and the people, everything, so much! And I miss my spare time for sure!

My first Starbucks...I know...I'm a child! XD

And, at last, the tale....

"Tells the tale that, in a very typical Polish night, in a very typical Polish village, with a very typical Polish couple, a nasty argue went by. You see? The woman was waiting in their house, taking care of the domestic affairs, with the kids and the daily stuff, still having time to wonder: "where is my husband!?...I can bet he is drunk again!...I'll give him the binge!...I can assure he will be falling right away!"...And so it was: the man, drunk, the woman, mad, her shoe was reachable...and so it went to a loosen head...BOOM...husband knocked down!"
A tale for the Polish culture, representing the Polish people and their love for beer! 

PS: That is in the City Hall

I'm close to the end of one more year...close to have my life again! LOL...so...two more days and i'll be here way much more, I can assure that! Kisses and hugs...have to study! XD

4 June 2011

Can you believe This???

I know this guy is a piece of marvellous everything...and yeah, who cares if he is a guy or a girl...he does both roles perfectly...and for me that is an outstanding gift! XD

Well, what was my surprise when this guy was elected not just by FHM, but BY THE MAGAZINE MALE READERS, the 98th most sexy GIRL in the WORLD!!! 


The thing is, the guy who wrote the article on the magazine went even further, saying that HE, and I repeat, HE is hiding HIS true gender! 


OK...one guy from the mag came now apologizing for the misunderstood, and for the prejudice of the article writer! In fact, the guy even got through the geniality of a thing like this: "The designers are trying to make this guy a Victoria's Secret Model!" 

For you guys, if you can read Portuguese go to this link for more info.

Source @ TFS

I will be back with more photos from Poland very soon..."Is that good or bad?" - you're thinking. XD

Porcelain Boy!...Cooper Thompson

This time I bring you this stunning piece of art! A newcomer...a breathtaking one, I say! His bone structure, his eyes and hair...specially the androgynous beauty makes this boy a really remarkable cradle of great works! At least I'm excited to see more!

Sunday Blues
In Deluxx Digital Magazine
Ph: Christopher Phillips

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Heigh: 180cm / 5'11''
Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth: August 16

Source Models.com

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