19 September 2011

Not calm words...

Hello guys...today is an outstanding day for those who simply dislike when I start writing about silly things in a very unsure and non clarifying way...today I've decided to be more precise... In fact, I've started to wonder how many of you, who delightfully or not come across my blog, actually end up readying what I write? I don't know the answer, and despite the fact of most of my words being rather fair to my utmost defining personal edges, I believe that sometimes it's better to keep it simple.
Today I've figured out that I don't have quite a picture about how I seem to be for you as a blogger or a free writer, nor even as a person (personality I mean)...as usual I'm always doubting about myself, and since this blog has been here for one year by now, I wonder if I have done something right or willing to be followed. As a matter of fact, I really don't know. Since I actually do this kind of self-worshipping not really for those who come across this home-made stuff but for me as a way to indulge my creative and artistic needs, I do it in a very particular way that I don't really get if it fits. Let me tell you what keeps me going as a blogger: 1. I like the way fashion binds people freely, just like any other artistic expression; 2. I like to learn from people who knows more than me; 3. I like to write, even if it is just to remain closed inside an online box; 4. I believe that, somehow, someone will be inspired as I was and still am by some of you guys (tho I always end up concluding that I'm not that good as an inspiration...only if what matters is to wear what to find great for yourself); 5. I like perspectives, more or less extreme then mine, specially when they help me to improve my own opinions...and that, of course, requires an huge amount of honesty...And there's the most dark side of online fashion world: How can you tell when people are being honest with you??? Honestly guys, haven't you got that feeling yet, while readying some comments here and there, of being unable to understand a bunch of positive words about something completely wrong? Well I certainly have that quite often...and perhaps it's because of my rule to not fake an opinion that I don't end up having an HUGE number of comments or a big BOOM on my followers...or I'm just too moron to not understand some tides! You see, I have a quite sharp self-criticism sense (if this is the way you say this); I do know that my blog remains a prototype, a Beta-testing thing for many and for me as well...The thing is, I do not work for kind words or well disguised bitter comments...I believe in one thing: those who come to my blog and leave some words are not seeking for some improvement on the number of views or anything like that...That's why I like it my way!
And you guys?

Sorry for the biggggggg "not calm" realization...but I couldn't help it...XD

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  1. Decidi dissertar sobre o assunto LOL...se fosse o face podias sempre fazer "Share"...hihihihi (riso maléfico)...hoje acabei o dia de mau humor...deu nisto!

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