10 September 2011

Green Tolerance

Surprise, surprise...here we go on another long way trip...There's tenderness in my actions...you probably wonder sometimes 'where are those cute tender whispers'. Well, you've seen them so well during these now passed tic-tac's of perfection...it is about to rebut my organic system, from a well made close range static arrow heart to an elder telekinetic far reaching still all loving, all passionate projectile. Let it be...my long well known chameleon soul, a rather peculiar one, have now find a new way to go. The truth is: I've always care too much to let myself go and get lost. Despite that very uncomfortable passed truth, I'm not that person any more...or I would never let my inner self travel by other's hand towards a foreign forest... I know that the Seeds of Eight will grow stronger each day, lingering each mumble of sorrow just to say: I'll always be on my way...to the place where I can find you...always ahead...stretch your arm...there, there...you've reached me!

Last days of peace...yeah it's true! The most remarkable Summer of all my life has indeed came to another checkpoint ('cause next year there will be more) :D... I'm giving you more details about my summer outfits...hope you like them!

Pics taken by André

Hat H&M
T-Shirt ZARA
Drapped Cardigan ASOS
Green Chinos ZARA
Oxfords ZARA
Bag VINTAGE (from my mother's wardrobe)
Sunglasses Ray-Ban


  1. ameeei a bag!!! a tua mãe tem muita coisa escondida no armário ;)

    gostei da t-shirt, obvious! ;)


  2. This outfit is so amazing! Love.

  3. adoro tudo :) o local...o outfit, as poses!!! =)) *

  4. @Nádia_LOL...Gostava que ela se lembrasse de partilhar mais vezes! XD

    @The editor_Thank you :D...you've make me blush for real!

    @Amberhella_OOOOH...So Sweet! Obrigado...fiquei mesmo contente! :D