19 September 2011


"I'm searching for a tender reality where Men are treated just like that, MEN...Human Beings!!! I'm still searching for a place where somehow there will be no prejudice...I'll keep on searching through the window for a distant land where I can lay down my heart knowing for sure that will be no blood in vain...Looking through the window..." 

Past words they are...there are no windows anymore...and there is always a moment when you crack the window...you see? The point is: first step to destroy a dream is to believe it is in your hands to make it happen! It is a single Man job to grow up his/her own dreamland, free of stupidity and clumsiness! I'll save lives everyday...I'll have that man by my side and i'll be happy...and I'll help, with my own dreamland, to build a global one!
Just Imagine...Just believe...

Pics taken by André

Shirt H&M
Cardigan H&M
Shorts DIY
Shoes ZARA
Crocodile Belt VINTAGE (from my dad's closet)

- Lucky me -


  1. Gostei das fotos e do texto! :D

  2. Gostei do cenário! adoro casas centenárias! e gostei do outfit claro...

  3. Joao, depois de ler as tuas palavras so podia sentir-me inspirada :) Obrigada por isso.
    Ja estou a seguir o teu blog e gostava muito que visitasses o meu e o seguisses, se gostares. Desejo-te as maiores felicidades.
    You're not alone, I imagine and I believe as well!!!