15 September 2011

And so it went towards the sun...

I would like to make it last forever...the days of perfection...reality to remain just like that: perfect with all the tiny imperfections! Sometimes I feel that those days have never went way, and the Alice within me has never became mute...I believe in starting a new breakfast tradition, just like wonderland; six impossible things...I would not think about a rabbit wearing a fashionable waistcoat, specially because it would be a rather obvious awful use for the sweet piece of clothe, neither would I became addicted to the picture of singing like flowers or a smoking caterpillar...indeed, my impossible things would be more like a bunch of stories where nothing wrong would be possible to happen to good people! Smells...oh, our sweet song to memory (the most permanent memories are born from smells, you know?)...I remember every smell, every song, every little spark of light, I remember it all! So, for that, our dream days will never go way...Whether they might seem quite distant now, far from their returning, they are too more precise, specially because we've learnt how our dance synchronizes itself...I always knew that Alice would always find the way to understand my heart...and for my remarkable addiction to her story I can not ask for more forgiveness! Lewis Carrol, Cheers to your mad story...despite its rather dubious source...It will always inspire me! 

Let me ask you: If you had to elect a "fairy-tale" character that suits you better who would he/she be? Well, I've always found myself in between; Alice? Jack Skellington? Peter Pan? I think I am quite a match to every single one of them...in certain aspects, of course...

Ok...lets continue the subject...Where was I? Oh yes...picturing my memories. When, in my whole life, would I think about going to the Reptilia section of a Zoo??? I HAVE HERPETOPHOBIA FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! So I would never, ever, picture that...still I went! Why? I don't know...it's just a matter of trust! Oh How I loved the beach...Jumping from rock to salty rock, from salty rock to the ocean! I know...I didn't actually jumped to the ocean and for that I'm sorry...too damn cold water...besides that huge point of wrongness in this whole image, I thank You for it all!

This was a rather casual look...not that amazing...but this day was a remarkable day, as my whole holidays! :D...Tell what you think

PS: I'm wearing my armour ring! Love it!!!

Pics taken by André

T-Shirt Pull&Bear
Flannel Shirt Vintage
Shorts DIY (from some old pants)
Shoes ZARA
Bag Vintage
Ring Mediaeval fair in Braga (Portugal) XD

All photos taken in Foz (Porto, Portugal)


  1. Que fotos lindas :) ! parabéns pelo blog!

    Se estiveres interessado em roupa vintage e em segunda mão com boa qualidade e a bom preço dá uma espreitadela a nossa loja :)

  2. Obrigado...Gostaria imenso de visitar a vossa loja, mas não consigo ter acesso ao vosso site. Poderiam dar-me o link?

    Obrigado. :D

  3. LOVE your ring ;)