16 September 2010

Craving for your heart...

Long ago there were some stories, stories about a soul full of memories...There were times about certainty, times about courage, times about love, times about lust, times about angry, times about rage... There were times. I'd like to tell you one of those stories: the moment when the soul tries to explain to the carrier the truth about love, rage and innocence. Well, she cried: "Long was my wait to know you, long was the time to let you in, now I know what you are, not to be allowed to sink in!"...How can I trust my innocence? - he asks. "Learn to cope, learn to see what is real, not what is delusion"...Can I forget whom I love? - He tries. "No, not at all...seek the past, purge the present, erase the future, proclaim the memories, and feel free to die!"...Do I need to die? - Wrong question for the carrier. "Do I seem lost? Do I seem vain? Why don't you love me instead???" - Soul yells. "No matter how beautiful you are Soul, no matter what you are...I'll always love others instead...a problem of my head. This was the time, and I will align...I see your beauty, I feel the northern wind telling me to change, and I will! Why can't I learn?" - He tries to rest. There was a turnabout a month before...the pores crumpling down the whirlwind of lust...he lost...passion, oh passion...craving thy heart for sell...oh desire...telling him to go...oh reason...vanished! Time comes to meet the confusion of thy mind...slay the earn for touch, make him earn too much, let him love, teach him the cost, the ways of lost. And so it was...craziness turned into savage moments...moments that became memories...memories that became meaningful...means that have met love. Oh...Why? He lost...And then, far way, love talks again: "3 minutes and I'll rape you! Freedom is the thing you must! I'm not lust...make me go or see the trust my rage can free." "Why don't you see me? Now I've learn to believe me...Life is great as a teacher...this is a picture of how raging people meet the secret: I've grown my heart; I love every part; I'm free to feel every single spark; I know what's worth the effort...I'll meet every sense...I'll feel immense...I got the way, really...I would see it anyway, secretly."

In Interview - September issue
Ph: Mickael Jansson
Model: Mariacarla Boscono 

Note: Nudity
Just an outstanding work from one of my favourite models.

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  1. this pictures looked almost "homemade" she looks great here*