29 September 2010

After all, I'm still a child...

Source: unknown

In: Vogue Paris August 2010
Ph: Mario Sorrenti
Model: Eniko Mihalik

That was the point: suddenly, all so clear, so perfectly doubtless, nothing wrong, always such a magnificent sense of opportunity…happiness…not the beginning, always the moment!
“Once upon a time, there was a gift, a tiny little box crafted with the most peculiar parchments. Many said there were leafs and diamonds; certainly it was the imagination; others described flames wrapping the box, while water proclaimed her place freezing the gift’s padlock…I’ve seen it: the dark flames sucking all the light around (they must burn), the tiny spark of the ice shining, as it was showing the move of the key towards the moment of the opening night. I don’t know why the padlock had been frozen, neither why it was in such a shiny state of objectiveness. Well, if I may, let me introduce a new meaning for this word. Objectiveness: the capability of an object to seem an object, more or less the personality of an inert thing. So…where was I?…oh, yeah...the state of objectiveness. My impossible mind thought that the padlock may be waiting for the key to come back. Where is that silly key? My curiosity lend her hand towards the need of knowing about the content of that majestic box, so I sent to my body the request for that key, and so began the confusion of a savage search…Where it is? Where it is?...behind the wooden door of the swimming tree? No. Perhaps near the talking watermelon. Nothing. Could it be inside something? Well, If I was a key where would I hide myself? Let me think it clearly: I am a key; I open something; something is important; and more important than that is the thing that something is holding; so, I’m the door to a precious thing, a thing that needs to be guarded…definitely I would hide myself inside something too…regarding the piece of art that is that outrageous box, the key must be well guarded. Let me think again: mmm, inside something so? But what? Looking around what do I see? Trees, a lake, a door to nothing, a pot inside an invisible vase, lots of chairs blooming from a huge pine tree, grass and a bed near my feet, oh I forgot, me, a moa (such a huge bird)…weren’t them extinct? Perhaps I’m dreaming…but still, this is a sublime exercise for my mind, so I must keep on going. Concentrate silly mind. The key: no…every spot seem so lame; no way, in a dream of mine, would a key hide in such vain places; the place must mean something, that I’m sure. What is the most special thing here? I’ve tried everything! Wait…I didn’t try myself…could it be? OH…AH, AH, AH (cough)! There it is…THE KEY!...Where have you been?? Doesn’t matter…let’s open it!
The moment the key put her sense into the padlock, meters away, the ice started to melt and the need for each other bloom in such a rage…suddenly the key flew from Her hand, suddenly the box was open…
“OHHH!!! I’m not seeing another key, am I? Now I must find the meaning for this happening too! Luckily I’m a curious girl…and smart too…such a pity living this gorgeous box behind! Sorry Box, but I’m afraid that I can’t touch you…My skin is too fragile!”
And so she run out of time…running from box to box…ignoring the perfectness of each and every one…She couldn’t see that the good things pass us by, that the end is not THE MOMENT…Always the HOURS between us…Always love between us…The hours to see the river flow…let us flow by the HOURS.

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