4 June 2011

Porcelain Boy!...Cooper Thompson

This time I bring you this stunning piece of art! A newcomer...a breathtaking one, I say! His bone structure, his eyes and hair...specially the androgynous beauty makes this boy a really remarkable cradle of great works! At least I'm excited to see more!

Sunday Blues
In Deluxx Digital Magazine
Ph: Christopher Phillips

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Heigh: 180cm / 5'11''
Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth: August 16

Source Models.com

Tell me what you guys think! Share what is going on your minds! :D


  1. Tem uma beleza definitivamente andrógina, até o corpo!

    Tem uns traços de quadro antigo, aquelas peças de boticelli e whatever! Parece um querubim! ;)


  2. Na última foto faz-me lembrar a Raquel Zimmermann! A sério! Acho mesmo! E quanto ao quadro antigo... totally agree!