4 June 2011

Can you believe This???

I know this guy is a piece of marvellous everything...and yeah, who cares if he is a guy or a girl...he does both roles perfectly...and for me that is an outstanding gift! XD

Well, what was my surprise when this guy was elected not just by FHM, but BY THE MAGAZINE MALE READERS, the 98th most sexy GIRL in the WORLD!!! 


The thing is, the guy who wrote the article on the magazine went even further, saying that HE, and I repeat, HE is hiding HIS true gender! 


OK...one guy from the mag came now apologizing for the misunderstood, and for the prejudice of the article writer! In fact, the guy even got through the geniality of a thing like this: "The designers are trying to make this guy a Victoria's Secret Model!" 

For you guys, if you can read Portuguese go to this link for more info.

Source @ TFS

I will be back with more photos from Poland very soon..."Is that good or bad?" - you're thinking. XD


  1. oh my :X
    ok he's like a sexy girl/man... but wtf?

    i want to see the photos*

  2. "The most beautiful women in the world are men.." i always thought that line was smart.=)


  3. @ Trivia_I'll be posting the photos very soon! :D...I really loved your comment! XD

    @ Aphrodite_That line is really smart...XD...still a bit reducing for the Women...and for the man too! What I feel about it is, simply and honestly, The natural enemy of general beauty is the rise of boundaries! FREEDOM...

  4. Omg :x nem acredito! But anyway as fotos estão lindas!

    xoxo F.

  5. hahaha, demais!!! :P

    E eu cá acho que a frase que foi dita no comentário funcionaria bem mais ao contrario:

    The most beautiful men in the world are women. ;)

    Não achas?

    Mas, cá para mim, esqueçamos sexos. E seja tudo lindo, independentemente do XX ou do XY!


  6. Sim...agree...Acho que a frase funciona bem das duas formas...A verdade é que todos precisamos de um certo grau de estranheza para sermos lindos de morrer! LOL