28 May 2011

Me...You...and Liberty!

And so it was...meant to set things up! No more wars to need, no more...no more tears to bleed, no more...no more hands to crush, and so, never to be poor! I was right from the beginning:  sparks and shiny electric flushes coming out from those blue eyes...and where was I? stuck in mother nature doubt, willing to return that look...shy I was! I was meant to chose, Truth or ... Love or ... Kiss or ... Future or ... You could land your hand to help me, in fact, realizing the dilemma now makes it so simple. Yet, I was lacking of a lift to be transcendent, and HE...he was that lift! "SO BE IT!!!" "What can I do?"..."be FREE...he said to me!"...And so it was: "I'll be...you just have to LOVE me!" If there is luck my friends...I'm lucky to live...always TOGETHER! Perhaps it is about the Carnations...always such a symbol of perfect beauty...I only realize two wars with no weapons, two Carnation shotguns: 25th April of 1974 and the one WE've won...

Pics taken by André Lameiras

T-Shirt: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Socks: H&M
Watch: Swatch

Me and André (88)

Perfect afternoon...There is no need of words to describe how lucky I am, nor how thankful I am! :')

"And all my dreams, they all came true
The day I lay my head on you!"

By Antony & The Johnsons


  1. i love the combination of the stripes and coral red pants! congratulations on having such a lovely person in your life! =)


  2. adorei o navy look :) e o sitio...as palavras e a felicidade nos vossos risos!!!

  3. Thank you girls! It's really good to smile that way!

    @Amberhella: Se estivesses lá ainda ias adorar mais...era ao pé da sinagoga, uma praça com uma árvore no meio...muito bom tempo, e música ambiente! Uma sensação tão perfeita! Ias adorar a Polónia, tenho a certeza!

  4. adorei o look, aquela meia azulão captou-me taaanto a atenção!