27 May 2011

Back from a DREAM!!!

As soon as I arrived, everything became crystal clear: an airport that small, could never endure us both...a city so damn big and gorgeous could never realize those kind of emotions! I was dazzled...envy was blooming from the surroundings...and there was I...staring at my Aurora...there was I, imploring for the time to be frozen...but my heart was beating too fast, too warm, too strong...an impetuous confusion...when it came to me: I was in a conscience berserk...enduring all of those glorious days, all of those perfect moments, glittering gifts, not to be ended, never to be forgotten, still secret moments, as deep as my loving vows! I am gifted, you know: I love and I'm returned...not only I was there...I was everywhere! Wroclaw, is no longer a city; Wroclaw is a secret, where my regards and greatest deeds, fountains that will always be love witnesses, links and friendships, a bridge where I have locked two hearts FOREVER: 8! 

This is Rynek, the central square! The first 3 Photos are from the City Hall!!! Is this possible? Such an outstanding building! The thing is: This is just marvellous! XD

A view during a tram trip to Home!

There were cathedrals like this one everywhere! So beautiful...Sometimes I found myself wondering if I wasn't in a small village from the past century, strolling around and waving to my neighbours!  

From the skies!

Lets talk about Poland, and Poles! To be honest, Poland is a place of a remarkable variety! Some of them can shine with a invigorating sense of sympathy, and lack of prejudice; on the other hand, some "well dressed man" (in our way of thinking) can end up lining on a frivolous chain of events, that you could never predict something good coming out at the finishing point. Well, I was told to be smooth, and I was...and, to be honest, God save the Queen that gave me the pinch (two queens to be accurate)...I wouldn't be sane now, of that I'm sure. It is just a matter of adaptation. After jumping that obstacle, everything was perfect...except for the weather! LOL...A Portuguese guy like me end up freezing to death when everyone else was strolling down the streets wanting to get less clothes on! The truth of Wroclaw is: when you are a guest of your love, you are the most loved person in the world...Wroclaw is a city for lovers, and a city that loves you! Although every city looks perfectly made when you are loving your company, this one is a really nice place to go!  
For the sense of fashion, let's say that you can find some great outfits once in a while and some pure unaware dressing practitioners! You can't be born well taught!

I'll be posting my outfits soon! And more pictures of the town...and some very special stuff too...at least for ME! XD As I said before, my clothes couldn't be as sharp as I wanted them to be...still!

Tell me what you guys think! 

Huge HUG!!! 


  1. As fotos ficaram liiindas! principalmente as do primeiro edificio! :O

    é uma cidade bem linda, que monumentos!



  2. Obrigado pelo comentário. Gostei muito do teu blog, sobretudo dos teus gostos referentes a designers e campanhas. :)


  3. aiiiiiiii tenho um fascínio pela polónia!!!QUERO!

  4. If you enjoyed Wrocław, you should absolutely visit Cracow. It's my favourite city and one of the most beautiful in Poland ;)

  5. @Agnes_Oh...thank you! I know you're completely right! I know I will love Cracow. The thing is...I will be going to Poland again, about that I'm sure! XD...really happy you came across my blog!