30 December 2010

Touching the lights

It's a fact...what tale could my mind ever collect, if not this reality prospect?  It's all about shiny rays of light blossom around ruins made out of chocolate..."cause everything is eatable, even I am eatable"...and you know? it's a matter of time, since I have come with this peculiar idea: my bad memories are indeed made out of chocolate, like the ruins; and, in fact, there are a huge amount of rays of light melting them down...at this moment, a funny laugh comes out tho, glowing red just alike the flesh camellia of the floating gardens of Babylon; thus you might find a sparkling glow of some great happy eyes, well, it's not everyday that you feel capable of moving, with your bare hands, the colossus of Rhodes, you will see, no doubt, a perfect environment of plenitude...cause today I've been at the top of the great pyramid of Giza, I've jumped freely feeling the water joining my body as I felt down the Niagara Falls, I've shacked the hand of Zeus, some way not far but still not that close (not inside) to the top of the hill called Olympus (in fact, you will find Zeus at his temple, somewhere that I prefer to keep secret...famous people, you know?)...OH! I was too late to the library of Alexandria, but I have my ticket (maybe tomorrow!)...What can I say? That's a story about letting the greatness out of the daily sparks, it's just a case for day-dreamers investigation...I can jump just for the sake of jumping, but, at this moment, Niagara feels much more touchable...Learning the sense of the lights...

Pictures taken by Nádia from My Fashion Insider

Sweater: United Colours of Benetton
Trousers: Pull&Bear
Boots: Zara
Bag: Zara


  1. amazing pics, keep it well

  2. I just read your little 'about me' part, and I absolutely loved it! I love your reference to the influence of culture - that is something that really interests me and what I try to show in my blog! It's lovely to see someone else taking such an interest in fashion and culture :)

    Definitely following!

    Tazz x