26 January 2011

Gone birthday gone!

Picture taken by me

There are things you can't explain. Perhaps they are just meant to be like that, unexplainable! Isn't it ironic when you spend all your life searching for something so great you can't even materialize it and then, when your expectations were completely devastated, it is given to you? Just like that! I have sent my prays to so many gods and others wannabe "may's" (they are just that a "may be true" thing), none could answer me, if it was about the bill, I couldn't pay! My will was gone, a vacation, a marble "far far away"...What to do with that? Sing...what to expect? Lands for bet, one heart just like a pet, two hands and nothing for them to hold, a water made being without scales, such mesmerizing cold, some virtual mute whales and nothing else to be told...Upps...I've crushed my mistaken sadness...because U turns are indeed possible! I'll try to tell you:

Carpets and monarchistic furniture were covering  the walls and  floors, days like none before, beds and smells, walks and folks, songs and feelings, stars and daylight, everyday restarts...Unexpected gifts, none to be owned but mine, loved for endless time, an eternity that just can't stop the bright...on my mind!
Perfect, still never blind, a feeling deep and kind, ruling the weeks, the days, the hours, the seconds, a life...Haven't I tell you how much I love you?  My day, a birthday, such a peculiar way to feel the solstice of a birth...born was I...22 years were passing by...nothing that concrete to be proud of...missed were the times where I could be blind...when the ones, those of kind, made my steps. Now, present, gift was you...all fitting...all together: oh thank you for your love...thank you for all the minutes...thank you for sharing your life...thank you for the guiding light!  

There is nothing less to explain...it can't be! Life is just like that...with these endless rights and curves...you just need to learn how to bend it! For all: Welcome back. For you friends: thank you for the music you've gave to my day... or better, that you give to my life. For you unknown followers: thank you for the shake you teach me to save. For you my loved family: thank you for the support, even tho I'm not the most reliable son. For my love: thank for the bright and light and time and care and everything and world and tears of joy...there is no distance! 

                   A day like none before: "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!"

You guys, dears followers, will have news about my new clothes and acquisitions...I've been without camera, that is why I have been so absent... solution on the way! I'll be posting some news on fashion weeks and fashion works...Wait for me!

Love you all 

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