29 December 2010

Long Time!!! Back again...

For a long time there was silence; a strong mourning around pavements, trashy clothes were everywhere, where the patterns could not fit...too much garbage to feel right...the strings were about to clash against the chains, arguing whom would take the honour to kill there owner! What about the silence? Were my words gone? Perhaps it's just the warm touch of treason... you see, my lungs where tight, tight enough to not feel the air, or water...my heart was pomping the blood out of my shelter...well I was just a screaming voice, once found, once miscalculated, once enough, once too much, then lost, again empty, not ready, still running, crumpling around memories...what too do lady? Disguise? What mask should I put on this time? It is silly, but still it is the answer...truth prevails darling...truth prevails. As complicated as it may seems, there will always be a coming back...mine was soon enough...my mistakes were paint in deep clear blue water. Well, my eyes will be resting, since now there are reasons to forget my winter solstice. My sad eyes will be shut, never again smiling...do you know how to find your way? Future is always a mystery...but I'm sure believing is the right key to that door...cause THIS IS IT...My journey and a solution: Who would expect to find a ticket office in hell? Well they sold me a ticket back to heaven! Perhaps it was just about soft hands. 

I'm so sorry for being late...
This time I won't forget this baby, trying to learn how to dance
I'll be posting styles soon, promise!


Pagan Poetry
In Exklusiv December 2010
Ph: Krzysztof Wyżyński
Model: Marcin Ziółko

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  1. these are stunning, especially the first 2!thanks so much for sharing!