18 October 2010

Some doors are never to open!

"Look! There it is!...the door!" There I was running through the pride harvest, touching the smoothness of something so simple as the wind blowing my crying fingers...I was running, as always, running towards something I've always known, still something I've always felt missing, still something I've always searched so tenderly...What's about running? Everyone has to run...the problem is to find something that  is worth the effort..."I was thinking about curious things to think the other day, and, in the process, I found myself losing sense for a rather odd piece of noisy thoughts...sorry father, but I certainly can't help but to talk about this thing that I was thinking! Why people always feel in need to search the end, the answer, the door to the ultimate truth or certainty?...I simply can not trust myself about the reason why...All my tiny life, as you see I'm just a child, I certainly tend to believe that searching for an answer is the funny part...not find it, for sure!"...Keep running my darling...life is all about running...run and find your doll, your kinky mask,your way to breed, to create...be as you are and touch God's lungs...make him breathless...make him believe that we care for nothing then just our right to choose and lose...that's all about learning and dealing with the consequences...I may not believe in God...but still I will never worship some image of perfection or all-knowing beings, specially because there is nothing to be proud about that...specially because, when there is nothing more to learn, there is no more to believe, there is no more to achieve, there is no more to run for! I ain't serve no God...is my wish, my turn to choose...Humans are outrages, my Gods and Goddesses, I serve my humanity, my need for understandings, my rage and all my demandings, I breed my doubt every night, to be able to seize everyday, every single sunrise...I understand the magnificent behind being doubtful...Forget about the rules, darling...Door? that is an illusion...you just want to run...feel free to burn...feel free to fall and embrace your sins...Like me or not, I'm here on the spot, learning and running without a plot, freely as my ability..."Look: the sunrise! I'll be happy again! Ohhhhh...I found no answer for this cancer...Well, father always said: «great minds always find the muchness in the meanwhiles»...What have I learn? LOTS of things...so...let us find another question!!!..."

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Russian Dolls
In Vogue UK October 2010
Ph: Tim Walker
Model: Karlie Kloss

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