9 October 2010

Deep underneath the earth!

Deep underneath I knew! My heart can't take no longer...What's the point being careful, what's the point knowing I'm alive, what's the point? Tell me! When the touch brakes and lingers my entire soul, what's the point on whispering wishes to a falling star? Nothing is going to happen as we might think as perfect. Why my eyes have been fooling me, when the truth was just underneath this trashy cavern? There was moments of doubt; now the only thing I see is how doubtless cruelty is! Let me tell you: now I know, an illusion can do it all! Earth, my feet now are on it...Certainly I'm going back home...I've killed the beast inside...I know the difference, I've learned to love long ago, and I'm falling all way back there...lucky me, I'll reach my remains far away from this nasty pile of garbage! I'm open now...calm now...ready to return to myself...Red hearted men can always sell you dead, I say: OFF THEIR HEAD!!!

Pics taken by me and Sofia (a friend of mine)
Thanks to Nadia, from My Fashion Insider, my model and my muse!

Please tell me what you guys think about this crazy business I've tried! The problem is the camera...I need a better one!!!


  1. wow! the lighting is so mysterious! love the photos.

    xx raez

  2. The photos impostation and the idea is very good, with a better camera you`ll be GREAT



  3. Tu e a Nadia são uma fonte de inspiração para mim há algum tempo (são residentes no meu blogroll)... Ela é a musa perfeita (transmite força, emoção, tem uma beleza invulgar) e tu revelas sensibilidade artística na forma como capturas o momento. Parabéns aos dois!
    (obrigada pela visita, fiquei radiante com o comentário!)

  4. the idea is great but you're right about the technical part...i have the same problem:)) still, the lighting looks good but it's to poor to get a decent shot, even with a better camera
    all in all, really like your blog and i'll be following, hope to see new posts very soon:)