26 October 2010


Juno was waiting down the hall, staring at nowhere, wondering when would his sun rise again. Once he believed nothing good, or charming would meet his own vanishing eyes, nor embrace their tender sadness. Once they were water proof...nothing can melt a frozen heart when himself screams the cold wind, you know?...Once there were mountains, clouds, beasts, violence, terror, innocence...a great white ocean as his heart. Juno was, as you might now understand, a huge bottle of solitude. Singing he was: 

"Swim with me my mama when I dive in the ocean of death,
I will cry if I am not with my family
You could be my friend eternally...

Send to me my father when I dive
Please remember, father, we must try
Try not to forget our family
Oh, my darling father, rescue me..."

Sometimes Juno cried about what was empty...and the days were passing by...sometimes he just got plenty...and the days they never came back...sometimes he just forgot, what is past you just have to let...let it go...make one of the suns snow, and ring the bells of nothing...he jumped of joy sometimes too...perhaps to learn how was the feeling. Although he has always known that he wouldn't feel pretending, he certainly has always believed in Neverland...certainly he has founded Peter Pan himself in his own soft wooden bed...Well, Juno lived where the clouds didn't move...where the time seemed to be still...Juno was a boy...a rescued memory...the most pure and innocent memory...A little boy full of dreams. Literally, he was a lost boy...indeed he would never grow up, he would always search for his long lost mother, he would always pretend, he would always be...DEAD...
He had a dream...a crazy reckless dream...that always put a genuine smile in his face...He has always known that it was just a dream, something impossible...but he would like me to share it with you. Let me see how to start...why not in his own words? "There are days where I find myself capable to look in the mirror, and stare at this monstrous face of mine...I see no sadness, nor crumpling moments of loneliness...I see a woman...running throw the harvest...with a child. Well...it is not any woman...it is my love, my future; and the little girl is Alice...that is the name that we gave to her...she is just like her mother: a sweet face, with a honey like curly hair, always happy, beautiful as my wildest dreams, a little angel...the only thing about me there are those sad ocean eyes...Well, I'm loving!!! Can you believe? What a dream! I watch them running, singing, wondering where am I hiding; I hear them saying 'I love you'...and I cry of joy...complete perfection!" - He said...

Well...Juno was lost down there...but then, it was then...when, not very far, the dream got awake, the sun started moving, the heart melted, the rain got happy, the smile got truth, and he was in love...He grown! Can you believe? Alice got possible...And he found that, no matter what obstacle might appear,  no more then miscalculations, the answer will always be the same: YOU've gave me life...Come what may!!! Come What may!!!...

Indeed he found a bunch of miscalculations...The story stays the same...

To my Curls...

source | Valentine27 @ TFS

Un Dimanche à la Campagne
In Vogue Paris November 2010
Ph: Mikael Jansson  
Model: Sasha Pivovarova

Music: The Great White Ocean by Antony and the Johnsons


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