22 August 2011

Pandora's Box

"Strange winds these days, don't you think?...we were supposed to be handling shimmering hot and shiny days, not these kind of summer curiosity around some winter atonement! It's fascinating how Nature gets confused, just as if it was in some kind of bending aimed towards solidarity to a contemporary Human condition...in fact, all the sadness around seems to get clear now. There is no more doubts about future problems... reality is good enough. I was wondering about reality and certainly I found a rightful heir to the throne on the best comparison: some closed box with an empty space around! Then, you could just try to think about what would be shielded inside the box...curiosity, uh?...simultaneously, you would be invited to open the box, whether afraid or not, Would you, in fact, open it? And if I told you that inside the box were hidden the most reliable death eating machines ever made, or, for instance, a bunch of deadly diseases ready to dismantle the whole wide world, or, simply your worst nightmare...in fact I would give you a particular prophecy (I'm a prophet now btw): Those who open The wooden made box, born from those who claim emptiness for there own crafting material, shall be warded from dawn to dust with the fortune of the mighty dreamers of lust! But, be aware, when poor are the forgotten and wealthy the all-gotten, dust will settle in and Humans shall live again as basic as their end!"

Lets talk about the most recent events: I'm having the most dense holidays EVER!!! Crazy happy, crazy everything! In fact all these last months I was waiting for something great to happen: the moment of the Coming Back of the loved one! It happened...and it is perfect! I'm living the most glowing days ever...:D...and I'm happy to share it with you guys!

Well...as I told you before, this was the first idea for the jumper of the last outfit...I finally got to use it one of these last days ( the lack of sun turned it possible!)...YAYY! So what do you guys think?

Kisses and hugs!

Pics taken by André

Jumper Pull&Bear
Shorts DIY (from some old Springfield shorts)
Leggins H&M
Sandals ZARA


  1. nice look :) lovely pictures. it's a great jumper ;)

  2. Wow, está mesmo brutal o look total black! :O muito único! ;)

    bom resto de férias!