23 August 2011

Daily Words

And so it was remembering how it is to feel alone with my own thoughts, watching the time going by, saying few unspeakable sentences as a partner of the northern winds coming as the moment comes closer. It's indeed a rather odd feeling, mixed at least: good for the moments to crystalline themselves as they meet their rightful conclusions, awful to meet, indeed the newborn conclusions and to face their meanings. One: one more year; Two: I have to learn the ways of understandings, not cosy words; Three: I'm glad I still have my stronghold with me; Four: I'll be waiting; Five: What's time?...just that...we are bigger; Six: This may seem impossible to manage, like a fairy-tale; Seven: There's no princess, no witch, no unfindable obstacles, just what is left from a fairy-tale; 8: I do believe in fairy-tales...

Björk new cover and song
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