23 September 2012

Moments without you...

"Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself."

The leaves...they are falling, have you noticed? The last days of summer...they are now gone! I've been quite busy, sharing the sun with people I love, always telling you how I would love to have you with me every second...I don't really know why life always does this kind of stuff with us both, but I can't really tell how to make it stop. The rain, welcoming the Fall, whispering the equinox everywhere. I'm just waiting...I know I'll have a lot to share and a lot to give...we just have to be patient! If the sun doesn't come back, I'll warm your body laying in the winter sand...if the lonely hours appear, I'll be your sweetest perfume, mesmerizing your mind; If nothing exists, I'll be your inner space! I'll just be...yours


So...my sweet little followers...some news! I have been quite busy lately. The last week of holidays was so good and full of stuff, I could not find do time to come here...so I'll share most of the things now! 
The photos above were taken by the adorable girls of KISSMEQUICK on a tour through my hometown GUIMARÃES! Me, Carina, Carla, Isabel (from BELLISGIRL) and Sofia (a dear friend of mine) went to the mediaeval fair happening at the city centre...The weekend was amazing...with lots of fun and silly moments...just the way I like the most.

Just a thing...can you imagine? In 3 months of Summer I went to the beach just once! It's so stupid...at least it was amazing...I almost went in a nirvana-like state when I got my body inside the water! :D

At the beginning of this week...I went back to my study rhythm! Lovely, isn't it? Well...I have a lot of things in my mind right now: my Master Thesis, the work at the primary health care facility, the hospital and the daily stuff. I believe it will be this way the whole year...but I promise to give you full attention...:D

Tomorrow there will be news about some runways I've been to...jewellery!!! Keep in touch!

- Português -

Amiguinhos!!! Como têm andado? Por aqui tem tudo andado a correr a mil à hora! Ora, há que referir que a minha retoma à vida de estudante de medicina aconteceu na passada segunda-feira...Bem, trago-vos notícias dos meus últimos dias de férias: Praia, sol e muita diversão com os meus amigos! As fotos acima foram tiradas pelas meninas do KISSMEQUICK, numa visitinha que fizeram à minha terra natal GUIMARÃES. Eu, a Carina, a Carla, a Isabel (do BELLISGIRL) e a Sofia (minha amiga do coração) andamos a passear pelas ruas do centro histórico durante a feira medieval! Foi super giro...daqueles dias com muita diversão, risos e coisas parvas que nos fazem sentir na lua! 

Uma coisa que me deixa muita pena: fui apenas uma vez à praia! Pelo menos, da vez que fui, valeu por muitas! Acho que as saudades que tinha de mar eram tão grandes que, mal pus o meu corpo dentro de água tive uma sensação de quase nirvana! :)

Amanhã está garantido um post sobre as coisinhas que tenho andado a fazer aqui para o blog! Terão umas coisinhas sobre jóias...eu e a Isabel 
BELLISGIRL andamos aí a espalhar o charme! :D Não percam!

Pic taken by Isabel from BELLISGIRL at PORTOJOIA

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  1. as fotos estao mesmo giras! eu curiosamente hoje dei de caras com a carla :P

    eu nem uma vez fui a praia :x