18 March 2012

Blind Shape

Alexander McQueen S/S 2012
Interview with Sarah Burton here

It's time to let the wind blow again, time to let things go as the leaves find suitable through the whispers of the blowing muses; I don't use to believe in self made rationality, as I'm always disrupting logic notions with my emotions; in a life of true sharing one can only aim what the other commands through fortune willing rightness! Feel it? I could go by your hand with my eyes wide shut, with my mouth closed for the eternity; I could starve without dying, only with the nutritional side of your love; I could open my arms through the tides, following them as leaders, taking me underneath...listening the silence, always the silence; from the hours pushing me back, from underneath I would see the moon light cracking no more; the water has always cared about me. I would keep falling, underneath, to the sea bed, I would only need the certainty of your presence down there. If I manage to let the blow speak my heart, I hope somehow you'll get the answer. Perhaps my task came through the waves of a delusional bow...from a head that manage to disguise the magnitude of the movement, from the origin to the floor! I'll follow you forever...do you see me there?


  1. Super artisitico na minha opinião! Excelente produção, trabalho que deve ter dado dores de cabeça!

    The Land of Miabelle
    P.s.: tenho uma entrevista a uma excelente fotógrafa! Passa por lá e dá o teu feedback. É muito importante para mim, até porque foi a minha primeira entrevista a ser realizada.

  2. as imagens são lindas, sim... mas o texto <3 raça, às vezes odeio-te por seres tão talentoso :ppp

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  3. As imagens estão muito boas, e o texto esta verdadairamente fabuloso.
    Parabéns pelo blog, vou começar a seguir.
    Beijinhos, Tânia.