28 February 2011

Welcome back...friendly word for distance!

This is the day...well, there are reasons to be sad, and others to smile forever. This is the time to give memories the right use and the miss feelings the hard bitter nostalgia of the kisses full of love and eternity of those days in paradise. I'm sorry for the objectiveness in my words, but these mixed feelings about the time of far words and touch that will be waiting to happen give me the right to be strong with my dry arguments. To tell the truth, there is nothing dry about my words, on the contrary, they are full of countless sweet dots climbing the future lips for the reunion. This is a World we are building for us both, a dream we are living...with all its bitter profanities and its roses and violets perfuming the days passing by...everything that turns life perfect! I feel perfect going round and round your light. I'm a swallowed ray of thunder, inside you, that will survey all your needs for energy...I'll be your electric field, your air, your bed, your room, the food you'll eat...I'll be everything...cause every step I'll take, every move I'll make, I'll be giving it to you. Let me live for every second around you, let me stop breathing til your return or til my assemble to you, let me stop thinking til your words touch me back like a innocent smile burning my strong tears of Happiness...Building a world were dreaming is in fact a reality takes a lot of risks. Wait...I'll have to stop calling this a dream, since it's quite a job to rest the classification when the dreaming is now reality...Let's call this the most perfect reality!

Pictures taken by my dearest friend Sofia!
Thank you very much, you and Rita, for the precious moments! :D

Trench Coat: Zara
Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Gloves: H&M
Socks: Zara
Shoes: Berska
Bag: Zara
Watch bought in a market in Verona, Italy

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